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Transport Division of Bargala Inc

Facing the fact that workers of Bargala Inc, represent 20% of the total workforce in the city of Stip, opens daily problem with timely transport of workers to their jobs.

Bargala company has its transportation department, and the transportation of employees running its own buses. All with aim for greater worker satisfaction. 

If you have any problems with the transport of workers and people in Macedonia, please contact the transport department Bargala Inc.



Why the emplyees transportation is important?

Providing transport services to the employees has become essential by an organization. With today’s stress, this facility helps the employee to reach the work place without hassles. Moreover mass transportation brings down the cost as well as reduces pollution within the city. The biggest challenge faced by the transport team is to provide services seamlessly without any hassles and ensure safety of the employees. At the same time the mantra is cost saving, hence the only method to bring down the cost is to optimize the routes with respect to the vehicle seating capacity and identify the shortest path to pick/drop locations

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