Bargala AD - Shoes ware

Production overview and capacities

The Company’s daily production is from 3.500 pairs (ladies boots) to 4.500 pairs (ladies shoes and sandals). Average annual production of the last 3 years was around 950.000 pairs and we are still growing. Although the majority of our production is ladies shoes and boots, we have also wide knowledge of production of mens shoes and childwear.


Production process is consisted of modeling department where all the models are checked against the sample size model to ensure the quality standards requested by the client. Cutting department is consisted of 100 employees with new ATOM swing-arm cutting machines.

Our 16 stitching moving lines have around 500 employees. Eight lasting lines consist of Molina e Bianchi and USM machinery with more than 300 employees. In order to improve the efficiency and decrease the costs to our clients we are continuously investing in new equipment and vertical integration of the shoe industry. In the last five years we have invested in our own production of insoles and boxes both single pair boxes and group boxes. Our future investments will be in the transport and logistics of our products.

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